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Wildhood is kinship of the wild in all people, places, and things.

Y Flickering


Welcome the wild.

Y Flickering

Mark Douglas


Others say the magic's gone away
Look closer maybe you might see
The flicker -- Widespread Panic & Jerry Joseph

What does it mean to have an impoverished world? It means that somebody cannot distinguish the flicker of imagination. Is that it? The major assumption here is that beings such as trees, stones, bears, dogs and the like don't stand forth in the sense of taking a stand on their being. But, as I type this I can't help but wonder if there is a referential whole belonging to the 'y' key on the keyboard of this late 2007 Macbook? Does the 'y' key take a stand on its being. Does the y key stand forth any more when I begin to call it forth without constraining it by single quotes? What do I convey with the quotes? Do I mean that y is not y when I refer to the y key on my keyboard?  

The OOO archive I've been mining shows up to say that the y key is every bit a Dasein as any Dasein is being there. Does the y key stand forth? Yes, it absolutely plays a role in all relations with all other beings. Does the y key take a stand on its being? That is, does the y key resonate with the role that it plays in those shifting relations. The y key is unaware in the sense of intelligibility of its physical interactions and yet it still relates physically with each and every atom in the cosmos. I leave it here until I get more clarity on Ereignis. What are the essential features of an event. Is the y key any more or less an event with the Macbook lid open or closed. I think the answer lies in the unreadiness-to-hand that I've not yet seen given treatment by Harman. 

I suppose it does not take a stand on its being in terms of being attuned to its real qualities (heart suit to use Harman's Quadruple Object). How could any being bring forth the role they play in their real qualities. Is Dasein aware of its own significance? Can Dasein understand emerging events within the emergence? Events are real. Events are withdrawn.

It begins to seem to be the case that significance is ready-to-hand. Significance is withdrawn. Or does significance flicker between readiness-to-hand and presence-at-hand? The y key on the keyboard has presence-at-hand under survey.  The y key as an object stands forth as a sensual object with sensual qualities while simultaneously flickering into withdrawl as a real object with real qualities. It now seems that the iridescence of being holds true for everything.