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Gearist das Geivert


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Gearist das Geivert

Mark Douglas

To be gear is to be dealt with in relation to a whole matrix of rolling gear. Not only does gear turn, it also rolls. It plays a role by involvement. What makes it gear is that it comes in a fourfold relationship between what Heidegger poetically called Das Geivert, Earth | Sky + Mortals | Gods. Gear subsists in its earthly folding in a concealed manner. This is the concealment of readiness-to-hand. The fourfold has two primary pleats. They are the interplay of veiled | revealed + subsistence | consistence. These correspond to Earth | Sky + Mortals | Gods. The earth is veiled in subsistence. The sky is revealed in consistence. Mortals are revealed in subsistence. Gods are veiled in consistence. (As a work in progress, these terms may fluctuate.) Below we see Harman's perspective from The Quadruple Object


Heidegger's example of gear is a hammer. I'll stay with my example of the y key on a keyboard. The y key is gear. It is equipment. Is it a thing? Does it thing? Can we claim that the y key y keys? Can we conceive of the the y key y keying? Going with Harman again, the y key is an object. Harman's objects are somewhat akin to Heidegger's thing (Ding).

Earth is veiled through subsistence. The y key withdraws as veiled through "dealings cut to its own measure" (BT, p. XX). The y key withdraws as veiled through involvement. This means that the y key subsists as gear by withdrawl through involvement. To be involved is to be rolled-in. The y key withdraws as gear rolled-in subsistence. Gear subsists veiled. This is the earthly folding of the y key.

Sky is revealed through consistence. The y key stands by revealed through circumstance. This means that the y key consists as gear by standing through conditions surrounding and accompanying an occurrence.  Gear consists revealed. This is the heavenly (sky) folding of the y key.

Mortals are revealed through subsistence. This one has been the most challenging for me to conceptualize. In Harman's terms mortals correspond to sensual objects. The y key stands by unveiled through subsistence. The y key is unveiled through standing up without involvement. Gear subsists revealed. This is the mortal folding of the y key.

Gods are veiled through consistence. This means that the Gods are standing by withdrawn.  Weber says: "The fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all, by the disenchantment of the world. Precisely the ultimate and most sublime values have retreated from public life either into the transcendental realm of mystic life or into the brotherliness of direct and personal human relations" (emphasis added). The y key is interwoven through "conditions surrounding and accompanying an event" (Harper, 2013). Gear consists veiled.

The Veil Nebula

The Veil Nebula

Gear has four dimensions: Earth | Sky + Mortals | Gods and the primary pleats exist in play between cover and stance. The play of cover is the interplay of the real and the sensual. The play of stance is the interplay of objects and qualities. In terms of cover, gear may be withdrawn in the real or laid bare in the sensual. In other words, gear is withdrawn in its involvement as gear and thus veiled or gear is laid bare in its exclusion and thus revealed. Again, take the example of the y key. In terms of cover, the y key is in the real in its involvement with composition and typing and is thus veiled. The y key is in the sensual in its exclusion from its withdrawn involvement into its shifting sensual possibilities (Harman, 2011). When the y key is withdrawn under pressure of the finger its possibility is determined in its involvement. When the y key springs back up it is excluded and laying in reserve in its possibilities.

The interplay we have in mind now is the play of stance. The play of stance is the interplay of subsistence and consistence. The interplay of subsistence and consistence is the interplay of object and quality. In terms of stance, gear maybe something at all in subsistence or something specific in consistence. Gear subsists as a veiled or revealed object and it consists with veiled or revealed qualities. This means that gear subsists as a real or sensual object and gear consists with real or sensual qualities. The play of the real and the sensual has been described as the interplay of cover in terms of veiled and revealed. What is meant by the interplay of something at all (object) and something specific (quality). This means the interplay of something at all (as a whole) in relation to something specific (the parts). The object is the whole and the qualities are the parts. The object subsists in that it stands in itself as a whole. The qualities consist in that they stand together in relation to each other.

The fundamental clarification comes in unveiled existence, the realm of world that lies at the vertices of subsistence | consistence + veiled | revealed. This is the realm of the un-ready-to-hand.