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Wildhood is kinship of the wild in all people, places, and things.

Gear Turns


Welcome the wild.

Gear Turns

Mark Douglas


 "Taken strictly, there is no such thing as an  equipment" (BT, p. 97). I am unrolling worldhood to grasp it clearly so that I may convey an understanding of wildhood. If the reader wants some context, see my previous work at darker water. The traditional translation of Zeug  is equipment. I use gear. Zeug comes to us through the German from the Greek, ζεῦγμα, meaning a yoking or joining. The point here is that translating the term as equipment is inadequate for my purposes. Especially when in comes to the structure of gear, the "in-order-to" of reference or assignment. (Verweisung ). Macquarrie and Robinson provide a lengthy footnote on their translation and it will be helpful for our understanding. But first it is especially crucial to note the referential whole of gear in light of the opening quote. Strictly speaking, there are no pieces of gear. Gear is not constituted by gear. You don't have gears for wilderness involvements and familiarity. You have gear. Gear is.

The "in-order-to" aspect of gear relates to its role in assignment or reference. Macquarrie and Robinson use this hendyias and then explain themselves more fully in the footnote: 

The basic metaphor seems to be that of turning  something away toward something else, or pointing it away, as when one 'refers' or 'commits' or 'relegates' or 'assigns' something to something else, whether one 'refer' as symbol to what it symbolizes, 'refers' a beggar to a welfare agency, 'commits' a person for trial, 'relegates' or 'banishes' him to Siberia, or even 'assigns' equipment to a purpose for which it is to  be used. (BT, p. 97)

Gear turns.