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Paper on All Things Shining - Abstract

Mark Douglas

I just finished a paper answering a call for submissions from the online journal of environmental humanities, Resilience. I hope they grant me some leeway with the deadline. I'm hoping that as long as Hawaii is still yesterday, I have a shot. Here's the abstract.

The question of the sacred and the secular has been widely discussed in philosophy with scholars such as Weber admitting a flight of the gods. However, the diversity of perspectives has not adequately addressed the issue of Heidegger’s fourfold. This article addresses the issue of the fourfold with special attention to its dimension of divinities. Specifically, this article looks at and interprets Heideggerian fourfold structures in Dreyfus and Kelly, Harman; and Esbjörn-Hargens and Zimmerman in order to show an application of ecological ontology. Conceptions of earth and sky, gods and mortals will be discussed and juxtaposed against physis and meta-poiesis, meta-physis and poiesis. The fourfold will also be accounted for in terms of real and sensual objects and qualities. Socioecological attunement in its exploration and understanding depends partly upon more breadth and depth within discourses around fundamental ecological ontology. Understanding fundamental ontology requires an engagement with Heidegger’s thinking. This article, by closely examining attunement and das Geviert, sheds new light on the overlooked interplay of the gods and ecological (post)humanity.