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Wildhood is kinship of the wild in all people, places, and things.


Welcome the wild.

The 'hood' in wildhood

Mark Douglas

Wildhood is kinship among wild people, places, and things. This only gets us so far. Wildhood is the essence of the wild. Let's first clarify what constitutes "hood" before taking on what is meant by essence and wild. After that, we'll be best equipped for understanding kinship, people, places, and things. Primarily, the suffix -hood connotes a condition, state, or quality (as per the AHD definition). So parenthood is parent status. Defined alternatively, the hood suffix connotes "A group sharing a specified state or quality" (AHD online). In the secondary sense, parenthood is the shared clearance among parents. Parenthood is both the condition of being a parent that might be thought of as an attribute as well as what you enter or gain membership to upon becoming a parent. Let's call the condition, state or quality understanding the foreground definition because this is the correlative attribute of being a parent. Let the shared group clearance entered into stand as the background definition of hood. 

For clarity let's consider another example. Manhood stands for two distinct notions. The foreground notion of manhood can be understood in the vernacular as one's "man card". As a man you have a man card and thus you hold it as an attribute. Additionally, the man card grants you clearance into a group sharing a specified state or quality. 

That's all for today but getting a grip on what I mean by the hood in wildhood is an important principle to establish. Wildhood has a foreground and a background and these can be thought of as an embodied quality and the shared wildwise clearance entered or indwelling therein.