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Hunting Quietly


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Hunting Quietly

Mark Douglas

Disclaimer: My family has a vested interest in the suppressor market.

Game wardens in Montana have opposed the new laws that would allow hunters to hunt quietly. Their reasoning, based on the reporting I've gathered from MTPR, is that it will lead to an increase in illegal hunting practices. What kind of conservation ethic do they expect of Montanans? Our game wardens seemingly assume that us freedom loving wildlife stalking hunters have no respect for state authority. 

Of our licensed and permitted wildlife harvest program, what percentage of this constituency do the wardens expect to be violating the law?

The soundscape is integral to the ecology of our landscapes. So much more depth is added to our immersion outdoors when soundscapes are considered in terms of ecological integrity. Our National Park Service has a skies and sounds unit and to my belief, they're leading the way in this field.

So I'd encourage you to look at this soundscape brochure. Go outside and tune into our sound space. Then consider your opinion on conservation ethics and hunting practices in Montana. And then, if you wanna geek out, look at the the scientific article outlining the present form of soundscape ecology. And then, you're curious, check out how my family's business, Southern Silencers presents these tools. Our bottom line is, silencers keep up good relationships in your neighborhood.

And lastly, are suppressors the minimum tool for harvest in Wilderness Areas that allow hunting? What's the relationship between suppressors and wilderness character?

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