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Wildhood is kinship of the wild in all people, places, and things.


Welcome the wild.


Mark Douglas

Methodology is alive and kicking. But we can't hit the dance floor without knowing some moves. First of all, what kind of music is playing? Is it ambient drone or house trap?

There are so many questions to answer before you just up and throw down your research methods. Let's talk about these questions.
We have three layers to question for NRT; Research Program - Paradigm - World View.

Null Hypothesis: Non-rep style is useless for place studies in HDNR.
Alternative Hypothesis: Non-rep style is useful for place studies in HDNR.

Nonrep is a research program style in the speculative realism paradigm with a world view between critical pluralism and relativism depending on the flavor of speculative realism you prefer.

Research programs have levels too. There are underlying assumptions, exemplary approaches, models of behavior, conceptual families, and conceptual origins.

Before going any further we need to address what's already here.

1.0 Nonrep as a research program
1.1 Nonrep conceptual domain
1.1.1. Nonrep normative commitments
1.1.2 Nonrep theoretical foundation

1.2 Nonrep methodological domain
1.2.1 Research logic design
1.2.2 Selection/sampling units of observation
1.2.3 Data collection, measurement, representation
1.2.4 Data interpretation, analysis

1.3 Substantive domain
1.3.1 Real world context